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This week we would like you to practise writing descriptions for settings and pictures. When writing a setting it is important to remember to imagine yourself in that setting and to use all your senses. What can you see? What would you hear? What would you smell? Below is a word mat with some fantastic words to help your sentences be even better!
Monday - Here is an example of a descriptive setting for the picture below:
Can you use the clever writer checklist to underline and label which clever writer features have been used? Are there any sentences you would change to make the description even better? 

Tuesday - Can you write your own descriptive setting for the picture below. You can use the one you looked at yesterday for inspiration and don't forget to use your clever writer checklist and the descriptive word mat. 


Think about the background and the main focus of the picture. Think about the sounds the parrot might make as he flies. Think about what the parrot might be able to see below him as he flies over the rainforest. 

Wednesday - Can you write a descriptive setting for this lovely waterfall scene? Think about what you wrote yesterday and see if there are any clever writer tricks you didn't include. Can you include them today?


Think about the colours of the sky and the water. Think about the sounds the water would make as it falls over the edge of the waterfall and hits the pool below. 

Thursday - For your final descriptive setting, can you write about the rainforest scene below. Try and make this your best piece yet using your clever writer checklist!