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Welcome back year 4, we hope you have had a good break and are feeling ready for some more fabulous writing. Over the next two weeks, you will learning about non-chronological reports and creating your own weird and wonderful creatures to write about.

 If you follow the writing instructions, they will give you lots of examples and guide you through each task and very soon, you will be an expert at writing non-chronological reports. Use the SPaG tasks to remind yourself of some of the techniques we've covered in year 4. 


Don't forget, this work is to last you until the 8th of March, so take your time and be as creative as you can! smiley

Hello Year 4,

Unbelievably, we have nearly reached our half term break! We would first of all like to thank you all for the incredible work that we have received from you - pat yourself on the backsmiley.


For our final week (8/2/2021 - 11/2/2021), you need to work your way through the fabulous booklet from Pie Corbett. Enjoy your half term break and we hope to see you all again really soon.

Week Commencing 8/2/2021

Well done everybody for the fantastic descriptions that you sent in last week. We really enjoyed reading them.

This week you will be writing your own story. It's great fun to imagine the different worlds that you can go to in a story. As usual, I have left instructions to help you to find ideas for your own story, but if you have your own ideas inspired by books you have read, or maybe by your work on aliens, then you can use that instead. 

We are so excited to read your stories, please do send them to us at [email protected] 


 Well done everybody for your fantastic holiday brochure writing. There was lots of colourful pictures and plenty of expanded noun phrases and other writing techniques that made your writing really interesting to read.


This week, we are going to begin looking at narrative writing (narratives are stories). You will need to read the pdf book The Tunnel by Anthony Browne and follow the instructions for writing. Our focus will be on the characters and setting of the book, so pay close attention to the pictures of the book as well as the words.


Your grammar practice will be using speech punctuation correctly, but you should continue to use fronted adverbials (with commas), expanded noun phrases and similes too.


We look forward to reading your work, so please send it to us at [email protected]

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 Well done to everybody for your excellent holiday adverts last week. We were very impressed and thoroughly enjoyed imagining going on holiday to your resorts. 


In real life, after your advert had grabbed my attention, I would need to look at a more detailed holiday brochure. This would give me more information about the holiday and help me to decide if this was the holiday that I wanted to buy. This week, you are going to be writing a holiday brochure. 


Follow the instructions on the instructions pdf and it will guide you through what to do. You can use the holiday resort that you created last week, or if you want to, you could create a new one or use a resort that you can research on the internet.


The grammar this week will revise simple and compound sentences and support this week's writing with a fabulous song to learn about expanded noun phrases.


Don't forget to send us some examples of your wonderful work at [email protected] 

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Week commencing 11.1.2021


Hello Year 4, this week you will be writing an advert for your own holiday resort. For your writing tasks, follow the steps that are explained in the instructions pdf. You will need to start at step 1.


Your grammar learning can be done in what ever order you choose.


Don't forget to send us some of your amazing work at: [email protected]

Week commencing Wednesday 6.1.2021


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