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This week we are focussing on writing factual reports about Arctic/Antarctic animals. 


Have a look at this report about Emperor Penguins. Reports have got lots of features that not all story writing has. 

  • They are full of facts
  • They have a title and subtitles for paragraphs.
  • The have pictures with labels or captions


You are going to be writing a report about Polar Bears but should use the penguin report to help you.

Thursday - Your first step in writing a factual report is to do some research and collect some facts. Below is a mind map that we have made for the report about Emperor Penguins. 

Can you make a similar mind map for your factual report. Your report is going to be about Polar Bears. You will need a section to write facts about:

  • food
  • body
  • habitat

You might also want a section for any other interesting facts you find.

Friday - Can you write the title and introduction for your report about Polar bears?

The title needs to be the name of the thing you are writing your report about. The introduction should explain what the thing is that you are writing about and could include a few facts. Have a look at the Emperor Penguin report for some ideas. 

Don't forget your capital letters, full stops and finger spaces!

Monday - Can you write the first paragraph for your report. A paragraph is a few sentences which are all about the same topic. They will need a subtitle to tell the reader what the section is about. The first paragraph will be about the Polar Bear's habitat. Where do they live? Why do they live there? What is it like where they live?  Can you use an exclamation mark for a really exciting fact? 
Tuesday - Can you write the second paragraph for your polar bear report? This paragraph will be about the Polar Bears food. What do they eat? How do they hunt? Where do they get their food from? Do they have enough food? 
Wednesday - Can you write the final paragraph of your report. This will be about the Polar Bear's body. What does it look like? Why does is look like that? What adaptations does it have to help it survive? 

Extra Challenges

Can you draw a picture of a polar bear for your report and label it with useful captions?

Can you add a Did you know? box to show off your most exciting facts?

Can you choose another animal to write a report about?