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Year 1

The Year 1 Team have had a fantastic time working with the children. We are very proud of the work ethic and attitude they have in all areas of their learning.  They have been absolutely amazing and a privilege to teach and I am very proud of them and I know you are to. 

We have uploaded and will continue to upload learning resources so the children go into Year 2 as prepared as they can be. It would really benefit your child to engage with these activities so they can be as amazing as they have been this year. 


Thank You parents and adults and don't hesitate to get in touch if there is any confusion and thank you again in advance for your hard work and cooperation. 



The Children have been working really hard to recognise their phase 3, 4, 5 sounds and tricky words. Being able to read and write these words is a Year 1 objective and will really help your child moving on into Year 2. Going through these sounds and tricky words daily would be a fantastic way to achieve this along with reading age appropriate books (daily).