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Year 2

Dear Year 2,


We are updating the website weekly. Please don't feel like you have to do all of the activities, but we just wanted to make sure that you had enough to be getting on with! The weekly themes are 'Animals,' 'Under the Sea,' 'Dinosaurs,' 'Knights and Castles,' 'Heroes,' 'Materials' and 'Summer.' We hope you enjoy the activities!


Hopefully, we will see you soon, but until then, this is what we are up to for the next couple of weeks... Mrs Bayes and Miss Macleod are continuing to work with the keyworker children in school and Miss Longman is looking after some of the children coming back into school in Year 1.


We miss you all very much and can't wait to see you again soon to hear what you have been getting up to. 

Stay safe at home, look after your family and keep smiling those lovely, big smiles!


Love from

Mrs Bayes, Miss Longman and Miss MacLeod

Updates - Summer holiday activities

All of the other activities that we've uploaded will still be available on the website to do, but just in case you want to do anything else, here are some Summer activities to keep you busy.

English - Summer activity booklet and answers

Maths - Summer activity booklet and answers

Other - Summer crafts and nature walks

Updates - Weeks 13 & 14  (6.7.20/13.7.20)

Theme - Materials

English - 'Parable of the wise man and the foolish man,' week 13 & 14 spelling activities, English challenge activities and 60 second reads.

Maths - Statistics

Other - Music - Sing along

           Science - labels

           Geography - clothes around the world

           DT - a new version of 'The three little pigs'

Updates - Week 12 (29.6.20)

Theme - Heroes

English - Ten rules of being a superhero, SPAG activity mats, week 12 spellings and Captain Tom Moore reading comprehension.

Maths - Greater than, less than and equal to.

Other - PE - superhero training

           RE - Jesus feeds the 5000

           History - Real life superheroes

           Science - Super experiments 

Updates Week 11 (22.6.20)

Theme - Knights and Castles

English - Zog, week 11 spellings, SPAG activity mats and knights and dragons reading comprehensions.

Maths - Multiplication and division challenges

Other - History/Computing - Learn all about Warwick castle

             Art  - Design a shield

             DT - Design a castle

             PSHEC - My home is my castle and Cosmic yoga


Updates Week 10 (15.6.20)

Theme - Dinosaurs

English - Tyrannosaurus Drip, SPAG activity mats, week 10 spellings and 60 second dinosaur reads.

Maths - Addition and Subtraction revision

Other - History - Natural History Museum

           Art - Silhouettes

           DT - 3D dinosaurs

           Science - Volcanoes

           PSHEC - Harry and the bucketful of dinosaurs

Updates week 9 (8.6.20)

Theme - Under the Sea

English - Dougal's deep sea diary, layers of the ocean reading comprehension, SPAG activity mats and week 9 spellings.

Maths - Number bonds and under the sea Maths challenge cards

Other - Art - underwater scenes

           History - submarines

           Science - floating and sinking

           Geography - oceans of the world revision

           PSHEC/Music - sing along!

Updates - Week 8 (1.6.20)

Theme - Animals

English - 'Where The Wild Things Are', Week 8 spellings, Tiger Reading Comprehension and SPAG activity mats.

Maths - Place Value revision

Other - Science - shadow animals

            PE - animal movements

            Geography - animal flags

            PSHEC - Edinburgh Zoo


Here are some useful links to websites with daily lessons for children. Some of the topics covered might be useful revision for children, or may be introducing them to something new!