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Books to Build Resilience in Difficult Times

These are very different times for all of us at the moment, and while some people may be finding this time enjoyable in lots of ways, we are also facing many challenges - like not being able to see our friends and family whenever we would like to. However, it's really important that we learn to build resilience in times like these, as life often throws tricky situations at us that we need to learn from and be able to bounce back from. We've attached a list of some fantastic books which demonstrate how others have faced challenging times and managed to build resilience. Reading some of these books will not only be enormously enjoyable, but they may also help you learn how build your resilience even more than you already have. We hope you enjoy some of these. 

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Letters from Teachers

Dear Year 3,


We hope you and your families are well. We bet there has been lots of splashing in puddles over the last few days. It has been lovely to hear from a few more of you and actually see some of you as you drop off siblings. It makes us miss you even more!


Many of you will have seen in the news over the recent weeks there have been a lot of protests and marches around the world and these are because of racism. Racism is to have a bad opinion of someone else simply because of the colour of their skin. At St Richard’s we talk a lot about Respect in our assemblies as it is one of our Values. You often hear teachers saying that you should treat others the same way you would like to be treated yourself. You shouldn’t be unkind to someone because they are short, because they wear glasses, because they support a different football team to you and you should also never treat someone differently because of the colour of their skin.


You might have heard the phrase ‘Black Lives Matter’. This doesn’t mean that other lives don’t matter, but it does mean that racism is sadly affecting the lives of black people all over the world. This is something that has been happening for hundreds of years and  desperately needs to stop.


Please take a look at the links below. We think one of the best ways we can make a better future without the shadow of racism is to listen, read and learn as much as we can about the lives of others. That way we can better understand other people’s culture, backgrounds and heritage, as well as more about our own. When we understand more, we can support each other better and even though you may never be affected by racism, if you ever see or hear it happening you can stand up for and support others. You might want to find out about a remarkably inspirational man called Dr Martin Luther King, who stood up for the rights of black people. He made many famous speeches. Here is an extract from one of them:

“ I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin, but by the content of their character.”


Lots of love as always from the Year 3 Team

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