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St Richard's

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Year 3

Dear Year 3,


We have loved teaching you all this year and we’re so proud of how hard you’ve worked and how much progress you’ve made. We really are missing you all so much! We hope you are all staying safe and looking after your mums and dads.


Try to make the most of the days at home even though you’re missing your friends and the different clubs and activities you usually take part in. Remember, we are making history and this is something people will look back on and remember in the history lessons of the future.


We know you will be keeping up with the year 3 and 4 spellings and are already whizzes at your times tables! (but remember practice makes permanent!)

Anything you can do from the home learning is great, but please take lots of time to have fun together as a family and look after each other. If you’d like some other ideas for fun things to do why don’t you…


Challenge a member of your family to a ‘countdown’ style challenge? Choose 9 letters and see who can make the most words from the letters in 2 minutes.

Do a bit of gardening. Design a small flowerbed, a veg patch or even just a nice planter! Make a tally chart of the different birds in your garden or the different trees you see on a walk. Turn the tally into a bar graph or a pictogram.


Make a Time Capsule - include a letter for someone in the future and a range of everyday things that will be of interest to someone who finds it in a hundred years!


Do some baking. Decorate some fairy cakes, make a loaf of bread or plan and cook an evening meal with your parents (Remember to do the washing up).


You are all so talented and the future is so bright for you… read stories to take you to imaginary, far away and exciting places. Read about astronauts, explorers, scientists, inventors, different places in the world and amazing sports men and women and imagine where you could go and what you could do in the future!!!!