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Class Reader - The Boy Who Grew Dragons

This term Mrs Golby had planned for year 3 to read 'The Boy Who Grew Dragons' as our class reader, so that we could immerse ourselves in a rich and wonderful text. We are very sad that we will not get to read it with you, however the fantastic author of the book, Andy Shepherd, has read it aloud on You Tube for you to enjoy. Please click the links below to watch, listen and enjoy!

RSPB National Garden Birdwatching Survey

The RSPB's annual garden birdwatching survey is due to take place between the 29th and 31st January. Why don't you join in. Mrs (& Mr) Evans will be participating. It only takes one hour and is simple to do. You record the maximum number of the individual bird species in your garden (or park) at any one time. E.g if you have 3 starlings and then later in the hour have just 2, you would record it as 3. Registration is free and easy. A bird identification sheet and recording form is provided after registration. To register see the weblink below.

Letter from Teachers 6.1.21


Dear Year 3,


Happy New Year!!!! We hope you have all had a lovely Christmas and Santa’s visit brought you as much enjoyment as it did your teachers. Christmas for your teachers was quieter than usual, but we all had a lovely day with our close families. Mrs Evans enjoyed cooking Christmas lunch, while Mrs Cameron had a lovely festive walk with her family and Mrs Golby enjoyed seeing Zac open his presents from Santa.


We were really looking forward to welcoming you back and hearing all about your news over the holidays, but sadly we will not see many of your beautiful faces this half term. However, we are looking forward to seeing some of your wonderful work and hearing about what you get up to in Lockdown 3.


Please check our page regularly and try to do a little bit of work each day. Our topic this half term is ‘Walk Like an Egyptian’. We will be looking at the geography of Egypt and the history of the Ancient Egyptians. We have uploaded some lovely activities to get you started and will be updating over the next couple of days and then adding new content every two weeks on a Wednesday. We would love you to send us the work you have completed or photos of any of your adventures via our school email [email protected].


The most important thing is that you continue to READ a little bit each day. You can read anything you like – novels, picture books, non-fiction books, comics, magazines, and don’t forget our fantastic online books available on ‘Reading Planet’. If you need a log in reminder, please just let your teacher know via email. And remember, listening to a story can count as one or two of your reads. We would love you continue to fill in your reading record so we can be dazzled by how much reading you’ve done over lock down when you return to school.

We cannot wait to hear from you all and send you lots of love and best wishes!


Mrs Golby, Mrs Cameron, Mrs Evans and the Year 3 Team