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Happy Monday 4KW.

It seems that sports fever is in the air this week, so along side your usual maths, English and reading activities, I have added some 'just for fun' sport themed activities for you to enjoy.


Writing: As our class reading book this half term has been about spies, your writing task is a booklet all about creating your own spy stories. You need to work your way through each activity in the booklet over the week.


Maths this week is problem solving with money, using addition and subtraction. Follow the star system that we use in class. * is the least challenging and *** is the most challenging. I've also added a sports day detective maths activity - this is a 'just for fun' activity for you to have a go at.


Reading this week is following the theme of sport. Again choose the level of challenge for you, using the stars *.


Sporting Challenge: I would also like you to create your own sports day activity - it could be anything from jumping over a hurdle in your living room to creating an obstacle course in your garden. Please let an adult check that your obstacles are safe before you start and if you can send me a picture of your sporting activity. To get you in the sporting mood, I've added a walk a mile video.


Have fun and I look forward to seeing you all soon.


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 Hi 4KW smiley

Once again, we find ourselves working remotely, but don't worry - I will be putting some activities on the web site for you to continue your learning. 

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Welcome Back!

All of the staff in Year 4 are super excited that you will be returning to school on Monday. The classroom looks just the same as it did before Christmas and our hand washing routine will be the same too. Don't worry if you have forgotten where you sit or think that you might not remember how to do column addition. We will help you to settle back in to school in no time. All you need to bring with you is your smile, your brain and maybe some lunch laugh.     


As we begin saying goodbye to lockdown, we would also like to say a huge well done to all of you. We have received so much fantastic work that we could burst with pride. Not only that, you've also sent us pictures of yourselves riding bikes, baking cakes, making models, looking at globes, doing science investigations and even climbing trees. It's been fantastic, so well done and give yourselves a pat on the back. 


Can we also express our thanks to all of the parents, grandparents, big brothers and sisters and everyone who has helped the children through this time. Your support for your children and the school has been phenomenal. Thank you  so much.


On their return to school, children will enter and leave school in the same places they did before Christmas. On Tuesday's we have P.E. outside, so please send children to school in P.E. kits, including jogging trousers/jumpers if the weather is cold and no earrings please. 


We will see you all very soon,

Miss Wiseman and Mrs Eksteen



4LE news - Sadly, Mitchell will be leaving St Richards on Friday as he is moving house. If you would like to write a goodbye note and/or a picture for Mitchell, please do so and email me a photo of it. I will then print off and add it to his goodbye card from us.