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For those of you who are starting at TDMS in September, the teachers have put together a variety of resources to help with your transition. You can take a ‘virtual tour’ of the school, 'meet the teachers' and find some posters made by past pupils of St Richard’s. For parents, there are also some important documents that are key to ensuring your child is fully prepared in September.









On Tuesdays, we normally upload your weekly spellings. For the next two weeks, we would like you to focus on learning the statutory spellings. Make sure you know these really well to prepare you for Middle School. Remember that practise makes permanent! 

Statutory Spellings List - Year 5

If you have learnt these spellings and would like a challenge, have a look at the Year 6 statutory spellings!

Statutory Spellings List - Year 6


If you are looking for new lessons, please scroll down the page and see our post dated 28.05.20. This will tell you everything you need to know about what we would like you to do on the days that you are not in school.

Welcome back!🌈

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Where you can find new content:


Hello Year 5!

We’re SO excited to welcome you back to school next week, we have been in the classrooms getting everything ready for you and we have lots of really exciting activities planned!

On the days that you are not in school, we would like you to complete a couple of activities from the BBC Bitesize website (

They are uploading daily lessons for a range of subjects, so choose the ones that interest you. You don’t have to complete the lessons that are set on the day, you can look back through the bank of resources and find something that you want to learn about.

Make sure that you’re choosing a few English and maths ones each week. We think the following lessons look great, but the choice is yours!



Have a brilliant weekend in the sunshine, we can’t wait to see you all!

Miss Poynter and Miss Vaux smiley



Hello Year 5!

Wow, another two weeks have gone by already so here are some more exciting activities for you to get your teeth stuck into! Remember, as always, do a little bit of work every day to keep your brain ticking over and a reminder that you don't need to print any of these activities off, just use your exercise books to complete your tasks. Spending time with your family is just as important as school work and actually, you may realise that you're doing much more learning in these times than you think! Playing in the garden, going on a bike ride or helping to make your lunch are all great fun and brilliant opportunities for you to learn new things about yourself and the world around you.

Miss Vaux's blackbird chicks have fledged and are now happily flying around her garden, her tomato plants are still alive (at the moment!) and she dusted her bike off this weekend so is planning some bike rides in the sunshine.

Miss Poynter has also been busy; she has been playing online escape rooms with her friends and she celebrated her birthday last week! Although she wasn't able to see all of her family and friends as she would have liked to have done, she got to speak to them on FaceTime and went for a socially distanced walk in the sun. We know that lots of you have also had a birthday in lockdown, so happy birthday to you too! 

It looks like we are going to be lucky enough to have a brilliant few weeks of weather, so make sure you get outside safely with the people that you live with and enjoy it while it lasts! We miss you so much and hope that we can see you soon.

Take care, stay safe and keep smiling smiley






Hello Year 5!

We hope that you are all looking after yourselves and managing to keep busy. Here are some more activities for you to have a go at. It's VE Day on Friday 8th May, so we've based lots of the activities around the special day. Have fun learning all about it! smiley 

There are lots of different tasks to keep you going here, so please don't do them all at once; 'little and often' is the best way to work and means that you can keep your brain ticking over every day. Remember, your school work is very important, but so is having fun with your family! Miss Vaux has cleared out her greenhouse (which she didn't enjoy doing as it was full of spiders and hadn't been touched since she moved into her house last year!) and is growing tomato plants. She also has a blackbird nest in one of the trees in her garden so she has loved watching Mummy and Daddy blackbird feeding their babies! Miss Poynter has finally completed her very complicated painting by numbers (it's an image of two lions!) and she has been making up lots of quizzes for her to play with her friends and family (virtually, of course). She has made up rounds based on dogs, films and has even played a scavenger hunt around her house with her friends! 

We really hope that we get to see you all soon as we're missing you so much. 
Stay safe and keep smiling smiley



If you're looking for even more activities to have a go at, try the BBC website (click this!), which is doing daily lessons based on lots of different areas of the curriculum. This is only something we would like you to do as an extension and if you want to, we don't expect you to complete the daily lessons smiley







(Again, please do not feel as though you need to complete these activities.)



(Easter activities are completely optional and just there for you if you want to keep some structure in your day! Please do not feel as though you have to complete the tasks.)