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Welcome to Year 1!


The energetic staff in Year 1 are Mrs Peet, Miss Longman, Mrs Colledge, Mrs Drinkwater and Mrs Morrisey.

Latest News


What a busy week we have had! With transition morning and Sports Day both a great success, we are well and truly ready for the weekend and some time to relax! Amongst everything else, we have even managed to squeeze in lots of African art activities. Here are some photographs of our creative masterpieces. 

Summer 2 - Amazing Africa


For our final topic this year, we are learning all about the amazing continent of Africa. We went and saw lots of African animals at the Cotswold Wildlife Park. We saw rhinos, lions, giraffes, zebras, camels and meerkats. We had a special talk from a zoo-keeper and we asked lots of fabulous questions to find out more about the animals. We learnt lots and had such a fabulous trip in the sunshine!

 To launch this sensational topic we had a visit from Kwame from African Activies. Kwame is from Ghana and he brought some west African culture to our school. We were so excited when we walked into the hall to see a variety of instruments and interesting objects. When we sat down, we listened to Kwame's traditional singing and music. It was such a treat!

We then told some stories through the medium of drumming. We tried to recreate the animals footsteps on our drums and enjoyed making a big bang when the animals splashed into the watering hole!

After some more delightful drumming, Kwame taught us the moves to an African dance. We loved it so much we performed it three times! Kwame said he was very impressed with our confidence when we were dancing and drumming and we hope he visits again!


An African afternoon with Kwame

Summer 1 - Wish You Were Here


To celebrate a fabulous and summery term, we had a dress-up day with a seaside theme. To start our day we made seaside windmills and sandcastle flags. We had fun in the sun and sang seaside songs. To top it all off we had an amazing visit from Professor Pobble! He put on a spectacular seaside show which featured Punch and Judy, super magic tricks and some traditional seaside games. Here are some photos of our day - we wish you could have been here!

To launch our topic, we had a special day. We started off by doing some under the sea yoga moves. This got us ready for the day. Next we created some marine animal pictures and models for our topic display board. After this we had a fabulous treat in the sunshine. We had chips and ice lollies! It was just like being by the seaside. To wash down our snack, we made some exotic fruity ‘mocktails’. We picked which flavours we wanted to mix together. They were so delicious! Finally we practised building sand castles and played with the boats and plastic animals in the water tray. We had such a fabulous day!

Spring 2 - Once Upon A Time


We finished our 'Once Upon a Time' topic by transforming into kings, queens, jesters, cooks, princesses, princes and knights. We had a medieval banquet in the school hall which saw us feast on delicious food. Some of us even performed dances and routines. We spent the whole day experiencing what life was like in the castle and we loved every second of it! You can see pictures of our day below.

Medieval Banquet

Spring 1 - Down On The Farm


We visited Sandfield Farm and had such an amazing day! We learnt about how to keep safe on a real, working farm and we walked around the grounds. We saw lots of cows (some dairy and some beef) and we also saw some chickens. We went on a walk through the fields and found a small wood where we made little homes for animals.

In the afternoon we tasted lots of milk based products like cheese and yoghurt. We had to vote on which was our favourite and we learnt about the journey from cow to carton. Then we went outside again and enjoyed exploring the surroundings.

Autumn 2 - Three Little Pigs


We had such a busy day exploring our Autumn 2 topic!

First of all we built three houses- one out of straw, one out of sticks and one out of bricks. Then we used a hairdryer to try and blow them down. We found that the brick house was the strongest.

After that we performed a three little pigs play. We all had different parts and we took turns acting our play out to the rest of the class.

Finally, we created our very own masks. We painted them and added eyes, ears, noses and mouths.

Building Houses for the Pigs

Autumn 1 - All About Me


When we launched our first topic of the year, we went outside and took part in lots of sporty activities. We learnt that it is very important to be active so we got our hearts racing.

After that we made our very own fruit kebabs- they were delicious! We described the different fruits before we ate them and tried to explain to our partner what they tasted like.

Finally, we used a selection of fruits to create a piece of art!