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Welcome to Year 1!


The fabulous staff in Year 1 are Mrs Eksteen, Miss Longman, Mrs Colledge, Mrs Drinkwater, Miss Bigg, Mrs Yates and Miss North.

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Latest News

This week year 1 have been working hard alongside the children from Early Years to practise our nativity play. Here is a sneak peak of one of our favourite songs about the animals in the stable.


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Autumn 2 - Three Little Pigs

We launched our new topic, The Three Little Pigs, by having a science investigation morning to find out which material would really be the best for a pig house. We worked together to build houses out of straw, sticks and bricks. Suddenly, a big bad wolf appeared! He must have smelt our little piggies and tried his best to blow down our houses. He managed to get two of them, the straw and stick house pigs, but inside our brick house the final pig was safe. The wolf was so angry that he couldn't get the last pig that he ran away, huffing and puffing. 

Autumn 1 - All About Me

To launch our first year 1 topic, we brought some very special friends into our new classrooms. Our favourite teddies came to school!

We had a great day with them acting our different stories and writing fabulous descriptions about them. Later on in the week we are going to write stories featuring our special friends as the main characters!

Here are some pictures of us having a great time with our cuddly buddies!

Teddies in School!

This term in Year 1 something very strange happened. One Tuesday morning we came in to find all sorts of scared vegetables taped up around the classroom and in the shared area. We worked hard to solve the mystery of who did this to these poor veggies!

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On Wednesday we had a special letter delivered from the office. It was addressed to the children in Year One. It was from an evil pea! He told us that he had trapped the vegetables. We decided to try and free them so have written to Supertato! We hope he will come to the vegetables rescue!
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On Thursday we had our trip to the church to celebrate harvest festival. Our teachers were SO impressed with how sensible we all were. We saw lots of vegetables that had been donated to the church, but still no sign of Supertato...


On Friday we came into our classrooms to find that Supertato had read our writing asking for help. He had freed the poor veggies! Later in the day, Mr Ridlinton was showing round a special visitor. It was Evil Pea! He was angry that we had foiled his evil plan but Mr Ridlinton sent him on his way and told him to never come back. 

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To celebrate finishing our first half term, we had a fantastic and relaxing pyjama day! We all wore our cosiest jammies and relaxed playing board games, colouring and other activities in the morning. In the afternoon we had a super treat and watched a film. We had crisps and popcorn to snack on! We have worked so hard and settled into year one so well; this relaxing day was just what we needed.