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Welcome to Year 5!


The enthusiastic staff in Year 5 are Miss Poynter, Mr Powell, Mrs Dawson, Mr Longman and Miss Louise smiley

Malvern Residential 2024

Wow, what an amazing Year 5 Residential to Boundless Outdoors in Malvern! The children enjoyed a huge variety of activities during the day, including crate stacking, zip wire, bushcraft, archery and king swing. They also loved the evening activities of a walk up the Malvern Hills and the punch trail, where they really had to put their orienteering and mapping skills to the test! Their independence, problem solving, team building and friendship skills improved brilliantly over the 3 days, well done Year 5! Click the link below to see some photos!


Roles of Responsibility

On the final Thursday of term, the children in year 5 proudly received their Roles of Responsibility. See photos below! 😀

Head Boy and Head Girl

House Captains

Sports Leaders

Maths Buddies

Reading Buddies

Playground Friends

Roles of Responsibility


If you would like to type out your Roles of Responsibility application, please download and complete the form below! Applications are due in by Tuesday 17th October.

2022 - 2023

Please see the document below to find out what we're covering this half term!

'Walking Through Worcestershire' Fantastic Finish!


Year 5 enjoyed a very sunny walk around Evesham as part of their fantastic finish to our Summer Geography topic.

Using their map skills, they identified a range of human and physical geographical features of Evesham and took pictures holding up the correct OS symbols at various points on our route. 



Fun at School!

For the children who remained at school during the Year 5 Residential Trip, lots of fun activities were planned. They thoroughly enjoyed a French breakfast, a trip to Morrisons and an exciting film afternoon with an ice cream!

Take a look at some photos below.


In our English lessons, we have been using an animation called 'Lighthouse' to inspire our writing - a story and newspaper report. Poppy (in 5KP) even decided to write some newspapers at home as she was so inspired by our lessons!

Take a look at some photos of our learnings below.


In Art this term, we are studying the work of a few different artists: Ted Harrison, Alison Whateley and Kim Watkins. Their artwork focuses on re-creating landscapes using bright colours and a variety of mediums including acrylic paint and collage.

Take a look at some of our incredible work so far!


In some of our Maths lessons this term, we have been using concrete resources to help our understanding of new concepts. We made arrays using counters which helped us to identify square numbers. We used cubes to help our understanding of volume - we had to use 7 cubes to make a 3D shape. We then compared our shapes and discovered they were all different. We realised that although they were different shapes, they all had a volume of 7cm3 because they were all made out of 7 cubes. We also put our knowledge of symmetry into practise when we searched around our school grounds for symmetrical objects.

French - Je suis le musicien

In our first French lesson this term, we watched the Animation to begin learning how to talk about musical instruments and our musical tastes in French. We then looked at the flashcards to help us with our pronunciation of the names of music genres and musical instruments. We also learnt how to say whether we liked particular styles of music and whether we played any musical instruments. We finished the lesson by completing an activity where we had to match people’s opinions on the music genres with the relevant pictures.

Library Session

In our library session this week, we found some books by our author of the term, Tom Percival. We enjoyed sharing these together, as well as finding some Geography books about mapping to link to our new topic Walking through Worcestershire.

Geography - Walking Through Worcestershire


To start our new topic ‘Walking Through Worcestershire’, we had the chance to explore the many tools available on Google Maps, including how to change between ‘map view’, ‘satellite view’ and ‘street view’. We discussed different methods for locating given places on a map, including using the search bar and navigating using familiar landmarks and place names. We then recapped the difference between human and physical geography and used hoops to create a Venn diagram where we sorted photographs from around Evesham.

Off With Her Head! Display

This term, we built up our History display as we completed each lesson to celebrate all of our amazing learning!




In our maths lessons this term, we have been recognising 3D shapes from 2D representations, including nets, and have learnt about regular and irregular polygons. We have used physical shapes to help us identify properties, including faces, vertices and edges.

Take a look at some photos below!


This term, we have LOVED linking our writing to our history topic. We have written all about Henry VIII, diary entries from the perspective of Catherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn and written a story about a Tudor stowaway on a ship. 

Ella in 5SL has been so inspired that she has gone home and written her own story about Tib, a Tudor stowaway, on one of Sir Francis Drake's voyages. Well done, Ella! 

Take a look at some more examples of our writing! smiley

Our Trip to Evesham Abbey Ruins
In our history lesson today, we visited the ruins of Evesham Abbey with a tour guide, Mrs Spencer. We started off our trip inside St Lawrence’s Church, learning all about how Henry VIII dissolved the monasteries and established the Church of England. Most importantly, we then discussed the consequence of Henry VIII’s actions and the impact that the destruction of the Abbey had on Evesham town. We also learnt that when Henry VIII’s soldiers burst through the Abbey doors, one of the monks started writing down the events of the evening in the margin of his Bible. This primary source teaches us about the horrors of that night. Finally, we went outside and saw the remains of the Abbey. We tried to imagine how big it really would have been in the past, standing 3 times taller than the current Bell Tower!

Check out some photos from our trip below.


In DT this term, we are designing and making a lunar rover. We have researched and discussed the features that make lunar rovers fit for purpose. We have also spent time practising our woodwork skills which will help inform our own design. 

Check out the photos from our lessons below!


In Science this term, we are learning all about forces. We have focused on gravity and used Newton metres to investigate the force of gravity on a variety of classroom objects.  We have also learnt all about friction and designed a new brake pad for a company making trikes for younger children.

Have a look at some photos below!


In Art this term, we are studying the work of Hans Holbein. He was a portrait artist in Tudor times, famous for painting important people in the royal courts, including Henry VIII.

Take a look at some of our incredible work so far!

Off with Her Head!

Our history topic this term is all about the Tudors! We are learning all about how the Tudor monarchs had an impact on Britain today, including the impact that a certain famous Tudor monarch had on the place we all call home, Evesham! 

Poppy in 5KP has been inspired by the work we have been doing on Henry VIII and has gone home and written an entire non-chronological report about him and his six wives. Well done, Poppy! smiley

World Book Day

On World Book Day this year, we dressed up as a word and looked at the book 'Barbara Throws a Wobbler' by our new Author of the Term, Nadia Shireen. After sharing the book, we discussed the deeper meaning of the story and how we all have wobblers, as well as strategies we can use for managing them.

Earth from Space Display

This term, we built up our Geography display as we completed each lesson to celebrate all of our amazing learning!

Fantastic Finish - VR Workshop 

For our Fantastic Finish, we were lucky enough to take part in a Virtual Reality workshop all about climate change and its impact on the biomes. As part of the workshop, we discussed the following questions: Why is our climate changing? What impact is this having on our biomes? What can we do to combat these changes?

Using the VR headsets, we were transported around the world where we learnt about the main factors contributing to climate change and what impact this is having on different habitats. We visited an orangutan in Borneo, a polar bear in the Arctic and a coral reef in the Pacific. 

It was a brilliant afternoons that has encouraged us to be courageous advocates and fight to save our biomes!

Safer Internet Day

In today’s Computing lesson, we started by matching up some key internet safety terms with their definitions. After discussing examples of when we would see each term when we’re online, we watched a video that taught us about the SMART rules to keep us safe when we’re online. We then worked collaboratively to make notes about each video and the key points we needed to remember about each rule.

NSPCC Number Day

Year 5 had a fantastic time celebrating Number Day and raising money for the NSPCC.

We all dressed up in an item of clothing which had a number on and took part in some fun Maths activities. Our highlight of the day was completing Buddy's Key Challenge where it was a race against the classes to solve the ten Maths-based problems to find pieces of Buddy's key to free him. 5SL pipped 5KP to the post!

A brilliant day was had by all!

Please see below for some pictures of the exciting things we got up to. 


In our Art lessons this term, we are looking at the artist Peter Thorpe, who creates paintings of rockets. This week, we experimented with different acrylic paint techniques and at the end of the lesson, created a class gallery of our work. It was a fantastic opportunity to celebrate what we liked about each others' pieces! 

Curiosity, the Mars Rover

In our English lessons this term, we have been using the book 'Curiosity' by Markus Motum to inspire our writing. We have loved learning all about how Curiosity, the Mars Rover, was launched into space. Check out this link below to the NASA website - it's a whole section dedicated to Curiosity! 

Curiosity Mars Rover

You can also have a look at some of our writing that we have been doing based on the story. Theo even carried on writing about Curiosity at home! Robbie wrote about the space stories we have also been looking at in English. Well done, boys! smiley


In our science lessons this week, we used the inflatable solar system to create the orbits of the planets around the sun. We learnt the difference between rotating and orbiting, and looked at the distances between the eight planets and the sun, thinking about the differences between their orbital paths. We also learnt about the heliocentric and geocentric model, and how ideas about the solar system have changed over time. Take a look at some photos below!

Library Sessions

During our library sessions over the last few weeks, we have been carrying out research about the biomes of the world. This links to our topic 'Earth From Space'. Take a look at some photos below of us using our reading skills across the curriculum!

Steel Pans Workshop at TDMS

On Thursday after school, some Year 5 children attended a steel pans workshop at TDMS. TDMS students taught them how to play four different steel pans and at the end of the session, they learnt a song to perform to their parents. The children had such a brilliant time and we can't thank TDMS staff and students enough for putting on such a fabulous workshop!


Earth From Space

Our first topic this term is a geography based topic all about the biomes of the world. It's called 'Earth From Space'.

For our Sparkling Start, we went into the hall to play a game. Our teachers asked us a range of questions about the biomes of the world. Each corner of the hall represented a different answer to the question. We had to stand in the corner that we thought was the correct answer. If we were wrong, we lost one of our five lives. This was a fun way to start learning about the biomes of the world. 

Please see some photographs below and our knowledge organiser for this term.


Autumn Term

Our first geography topic of Year 5 was South America. We kicked off our learning with a Kahoot quiz and researched the continent using atlases. We looked at the physical geography of South America and used fieldwork to compare and contrast the environment around school with the Amazon Rainforest. After this, we focused on looking at the country of Brazil, including its settlements, cultures & traditions and economy & trade. 


Our first history topic of Year 5 was all about the Vikings. We started off the topic being 'history detectives' to discover what the Viking era was like, creating our own questions to form our own lines of enquiry. We wrote a non-chronological report all about the Vikings, learnt about the key events throughout the era and compared Viking life in Britain with our lives today.


In English, we have linked our writing to our topics and have used high-quality texts to inspire us to write in a range of genres: stories, persuasive letters, non-chronological reports, poems and dairy entries. Some of the texts we have read include Kensuke's Kingdom, Arthur and the Golden Rope and extracts from How to Train Your Dragon. 


In maths, we have developed our understanding of place value, addition and subtraction, shape, statistics and started to explore multiplication and division. We also competed in a TT Rockstars competition which 5KP won!


In RE, we have learnt about the different ways in which Christians believe God can be represented. We have also considered that there are people in the world who don't believe in God or are unsure whether God exists, including the reasons why they have these beliefs. 


In our science lessons, we have been looking at the properties of materials and exploring a range of reversible and irreversible changes through experiments. We have learnt how to carry out a fair test and presented our findings in a range of ways, including line graphs. 


We have also been lucky enough to have Mr Walker teaching us computing this term. We have learnt how to code our own computer games and applied our maths knowledge of statistics using Excel spreadsheets to present data in a range of ways.  


We have also enjoyed our learning in PE, art, French, music and PSHE. 


We're have worked so hard this term; please see some photos below that show our learning. We can't wait to celebrate Christmas with our families!

Roles of Responsibility

On the final Thursday of term, the children in year 5 proudly received their Roles of Responsibility. See photos below! 😀

Head Boy and Head Girl

House Captains

Sports Leaders

Maths Buddies

Reading Buddies

Playground Friends

Roles of Responsibility


If you would like to type out your Roles of Responsibility application, please download and complete the form below! Applications are due in by Monday 10th October.