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Welcome to Year 5!

The enthusiastic staff in Year 5 are Miss Poynter, Miss Vaux, Mrs Stanley, Mrs Davis and Mrs Fletcher.

Leavers' Practise!

French Week at School

Some of our year 5 pupils had an exciting French week at school which involved a French breakfast, pizza making, a trip to Morrisons and a trip to Cadbury’s World. All of the children had a fantastic week and couldn’t wait to share what they’d been up to with the rest of the cohort.

For photos, please see our school facebook page (St Richard’s Church of England First School) or click the following link:

France 2019

The children enjoyed an exciting, adventurous time on their residential to the Chateau du Broutel. They took part in a range of activities such as crate stacking, zip wire and a very muddy obstacle course. It was also a great chance to practise their French speaking skills at the snail farm, supermarket and cafe. The trip enabled all of the children to develop their teamwork and communication skills and it was lovely to see them flourish and face their fears. It was a brilliant opportunity for them to make new friendships and become more independent in preparation for middle school. As you can see from these photos, the children made some unforgettable memories...


For photos, please see our school’s facebook page (St Richard’s Church of England First School) or click the following link:

Science Week


Year 5 enjoyed lots of fun activities throughout science week including slime making, DNA testing and investigating forces. 

The Tudors

This half term, the children have been learning all about the Tudors. We started the term off with an exciting re-enactment of the Battle of Bosworth on the playground (see pictures below) and the children have been transfixed by all the dramas of the Tudor era- particularly learning about all 6 of Henry VIII's wives!

Space Fantastic Finish -Explorer Dome


Yesterday, Year 5 enjoyed a visit from the Explorer Dome team. The children were enthused by all of the fascinating facts and visual effects created inside the dome. A brilliant day was had by all!frown

Science Lesson - Comparing sizes of planets.

In today's lesson, the children enjoyed comparing the size of different objects in our Solar System. There were so many requests for comparisons that unfortunately we did not have time to look at them all in the lesson! Here is the link for anybody that would like to explore the differences at home:


Science Experiment- Separating Mixtures

Imagining that they were stranded in the Amazon Rainforest with no clean water, Year 5's task was to sieve and filter the dirty mixture so that the water in it was safe to drink. They enjoyed investigating different ways to separate the mixture using colanders, sieves, funnels and filter paper.They had a competition to see which group could produce the cleanest water... can you tell who won?!

Remembrance Visit to St Peter's Church, Bengeworth

On Friday 9th November, Year 5 were invited to St Peter's Church, Bengeworth to learn about their art installation to mark the centenary of Armistice Day. Mrs Bomyer talked about the effect WWI had on the church and the local area and explained the purpose of the perspex soldiers situated around the church and its grounds.

Japan Day

The children enjoyed an exciting 'Japan Day' to round off this term's topic on Kensuke's Kingdom and Japan. They took part in a range of activities including: origami, kimono designing and sushi making.

A fantastic day was had by all!


Roles of Responsibility

This afternoon, Year 5 received their Roles of Responsibility. Despite an extremely hard decision for us, there were smiles all round as the children were presented with their badges. We are very proud of how hard the children have worked this term to impress all of the adults in school and show that they are ready for their extra duties now that they have reached their final year at St Richard's. 

Well done everyone! smiley

Miss Vaux and Miss Poynter

Picture 1 Head Girl and Head Boy
Picture 2 Deputy Head Girl and Deputy Head Boy
Picture 3 Head Boy,Dept. Head Girl,Dept. Head Boy,Head Girl
Picture 4 Pupil Parliament Representatives
Picture 5 Eco Councillors
Picture 6 House Captains
Picture 7 Sports Captains
Picture 8 Librarians
Picture 9 Playground Friends


Year 5 are very fortunate to have the opportunity to take part in skipping sessions run by Guinness World Record holder, Rachael Rollisson, this term.



This term, our topic will be based on the novel Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. The story is about a young boy who falls overboard his family’s yacht and is washed up on a desert island. Please encourage the children by asking them questions about our topic at home.

Transition Morning

Before the summer, both classes enjoyed a fun transition morning where they had the opportunity to meet their new class teachers and teaching assistants. One of the favourite activities of the morning can be seen in these photos!

Welcome to Year 5!

We hope you all had a relaxing and fun-filled summer.

We have many exciting and enjoyable activities planned for the classes this year and look forward to getting to know the children.

Miss Vaux and Miss Poynter


Below contains details of the activities the children in Year 5 2017 - 2018 were involved in. Soon this will be updated with the great things our new Year 5 2018 - 2019 will be doing!

Science fun (May 2018)

In science, year 5 have been investigating the varying amount of friction between a toy car and different surfaces.

During Science week, year 5 took part in some exciting workshops. First of all we applied what we had been learning about gravity and materials to create a safe landing for our 'egganaughts'. Later in the week we were excited to take part in space virtual reality. Year 5 were able to brush up on their knowledge about the solar system and apply what they had learned during our 'Out of this World' topic.

Year 5 science week fun! (April 2018)

The year 5 residential to France was another great success! The children bravely tackled new challenges, learned to become more independent and responsible and worked brilliantly as a team. They all took part in their activities with enthusiasm and put their French in to practice at the local cafe and market. The children had the most incredible time and so many people commented on their excellent behaviour and wonderful manners. The whole team were so proud of them and their achievements!

To begin our Tudor topic, year 5 had great fun acting out the key events from the Battle Bosworth which marked the beginning of the Tudor reign. The children took on the role of iconic figures such as: Henry Tudor and the Lancastrians, Richard III and the Yorkists and Lord Stanley and his men who all played a vital role in the events of the fateful day, which led to the death of a king on the battlefield and an end to the War of the Roses. 

Battle of Bosworth Re-enactment (February 2018)