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2020 - 2021

4 LE Harvest Poem

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4KW Harvest Celebration

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2019 - 2020


To welcome in our new topic, we celebrated Bella Italia with a day of learning and fun. we learnt some Italian and created role plays to introduce ourselves to new friends in an Italian school. After we had learnt the lingo, we tasted some Italian food. Here are our verdicts:

  • Mozzarella cheese – it’s sticky and tastes like cheese stings. generally liked by all.
  • Parmigiana cheese – it’s strong and salty and would be better on bolognaise.
  • Ciabatta bread - this is delicious dipped in passata or balsamic vinegar. It was a class favourite.
  • Olives- these are strong tasting and salty. Some of us loved them, but others gave them a big thumbs down.
  • Bruschetta – it was quite dry and tasted like garlic bread. we thought that Italians might pour some olive oil on it to make it less dry.
  • Salami- this was like sticky bacon, but it was quite spicy too. Some of us thought it was tasty, but for others it was a bit too spicy.
  • Passata – this is a tomato sauce and would be nice with pasta.
  • Balsamic vinegar – this was very strong, but some of us liked it with bread dipped in.
  • Panettone – it’s a sweet bread that is sometimes eaten at Christmas. We thought it was delicious.  


    The day has certainly given us a great appetite to learn more about beautiful Italy!



Bella Italia Day

Welcome to Year 4!

The supportive staff in Year 4 are Mrs Eksteen, Miss Wiseman, Mrs Bagley and Mrs Peats.

Welcome to Year 4


The inspirational staff in year 4 include Mrs Eksteen, Miss Wiseman, Mrs Bagley and Mrs Peats. We hope that you and your families have all had a happy and restful summer holiday. The Autumn term is upon us already and the children are already working hard, taking on new challenges and of course having lots of fun.

We would like to give you an overview of what the children will be learning this term – it is going to be busy, colourful and exciting.



We will be following the National Curriculum and will cover the following areas: grammar; tenses; sentence structure; proof reading; enriching vocabulary; using a dictionary and thesaurus; joined handwriting; suffixes and prefixes; use of paragraphs; speaking and listening skills; inverted commas.

Children will learn to recognise and use the different structures and features of a variety of fiction and non-fiction genres. Children will also be expected to learn the statutory spellings for Year 3/4.



Again, we will be following the National Curriculum to cover the following areas: 4 digit place value and number; fractions including equivalent fractions and fractions to decimals; formal written methods of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division; perimeter, area and conversion; geometry of 3D shapes; co-ordinates and translation of shapes; statistics and data handling.



During science lessons, we will cover the following topics: changing states; living things and their habitats; sound; teeth and digestion and electricity.


Religious Education

As a Christian school, we endeavour to embed Christian values through morning worship and our school ethos. During R.E. lessons we will be looking more specifically at Christianity through bible stories and discussion. We will also be learning about other religions and world views, including Hinduism and what it means to be a Hindu in Britain today.



Each half term we will cover a cross-curricular topic. Throughout the year, the children will explore: The Romans; The Anglo-Saxons; Italy; Fabulous Food; Rivers and Renewable Energy.



P.E. is every Tuesday. Please ensure that children have a P.E. kit that is suitable for the weather.

Earrings – For safety reasons, children cannot wear earrings for P.E.. If they have been recently pierced, they should be covered with tape.

Swimming – Year 4 swimming lessons will begin in January. Children will need swimming trunks (boys) or a one piece swim suit (girls). Letters will be sent out in December.



Homework and spellings will usually be given out every Wednesday and should be completed and returned by the following Monday.


Reading – Children should read 5 times (at least 10 minutes) per week. If their reading record is signed by a parent/carer, they will receive their reading bookmark in a special assembly at the end of each half term. 


Other subjects - Computing, French, Physical education and Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) are taught throughout the year. We also have specialist teachers with individual areas of expertise: Cello and violin lessons will be taught by Severn Arts and P.E. will be taught by Mr Taylor.


Water Bottles and Snack

Children’s learning is improved by being hydrated. We urge all children to have a  water bottle in school with a sports cap (screw top lids are not advised due to spillages) that they can refill at any point during the day. Please can these be filled with water and not squash as squash leaves sticky messes behind. Water bottles and replacement lids can be purchased via parent pay and collected from the office.

Children in Reception and Key Stage One have access to free fruit for morning snack. If you would prefer to send in your own snack then please ensure it is a ‘healthy snack’. We are a ‘Nut Free’ school due to children with allergies so please avoid cereal bars containing nuts, any chocolate spread items (Nutella Bars - a nut free chocolate spread can be purchased from most supermarkets). Please do not send in chocolate bars or crisps – raisins, bread sticks, cheese dunkers, cheese strips or fruit are perfect!



Children’s attendance at school is vital in order to help children learn, make progress and participate in class learning. Mr Ridlinton and Mrs Jones are monitoring individual attendance very carefully with support from the Education Welfare Officer. We understand that children become unwell and if they are sick they should not be in school, however, a cold or cough should not mean a child is kept off school. At the end of the every term, we provide a special event for all children who have achieved 96% or above over  a school term. We have previously organised trips to the cinema, an inflatable day, a climbing wall and circus skills days.

If your child attends 4 days a week, they will achieve 80% attendance over a school year.

If your child attends 3 and a half days a week, they will achieve 70% attendance over a school year.


The year 4 team  look forward to working with parents and carers and seeing the children flourish throughout their time with us.

If you have any questions or want to find out more, please contact the office or speak to your child’s class teacher at the end of the day. 

Year 4 visited the Bishopswood centre.


To celebrate the start of our Anglo Saxon topic, Year 4 visited the Bishopswood centre. We were introduced to our Anglo Saxon leaders who took us to explore our new country, Britain. During the day, we sent out a hunting party to look for deer in the woods. There we made shelters to keep us dry and safe from wild animals, such as wolves. When we were cold, we learnt how to light a fire using flint. Finally we set up home in a Saxon house and learnt how to spin wool for our clothing; make clay pots to eat from and create some very fashionable broaches out of bronze.  


It was great fun and helped us to understand what life might have been like for the Anglo-Saxons.