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Welcome to Year 1!


The fabulous staff in Year 1 are Miss Eden, Ms Burman,  Mrs Colledge, Mrs Drinkwater, Mrs Yates, Mrs Bowen and Miss Bigg.

Prehistoric Experience Launch Day

Today we had our ‘Prehistoric Experience’ Topic Launch Day. Throughout the day we completed lots of lovely activities to get us really excited about our new topic and think about what we might be learning about.

To start of the day the children completed T-Rex Yoga and had a go at walking and moving like a dinosaur!

Next we looked at a dinosaur fact book and got to learn about the different types of dinosaurs, what they eat, why they disappeared and what they looked like. We then wrote down something we would like to learn about this topic.

After we made salt dough dinosaurs! We took our time designing them and adding in extra details and are looking forward to painting them soon.

We then had a carousel of activities which we loved taking part in. This included breaking dinosaurs free from ice, painting, mask making, playing a dinosaur game on the iPads and making play dough dinosaurs.

Reading Bugs

1VE had some fantastic readers this half term!! Remember to get one next time you need to be reading up to 5 times a week. this can be with an adult, older brother/sister, nan or grandad, or anyone else in your family!

Easter Cakes

We made some lovely Easter Cakes in Maths today. We had lots of fun weighing out the ingredients and thinking about capacity. We couldn't wait to eat them!

Library Sessions

We had some fantastic library sessions with Mrs Kent. We spoke about some of the fairy tales we had been looking at and also had a story time with a new story we hadn’t heard before. We then had some time to explore the library and choose our own books to look at. We were very careful with them and remembered to put them back in the right place.

Year 1 Christmas Video

We have made a wonderful Christmas video of the 'Twelve Days of Christmas'.

We had lots of fun making it and we hope you enjoy it.

Below is the link for you to click on.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

From Year 1


Schools Past and Present

We have been learning about schools in the past and how this compares to school now. We started by looking at difference between fiction and non-fiction books. We had a look at a variety of books from the library and made a list of some differences between them. We discussed how we are going to be writing a fact file so we would need to know all about non-fiction. We thought we would need to research some information first so we had a look at some wonderful topic boxes from The Almonry in Evesham. We learnt all about schools in the past. We looked at clothes, toys, classroom objects and punishment. We had fun comparing those to what we had now. We then wrote our favourite on a post-it note.

Beyond the School Gates Sparkling Start

Year 1 had a wonderful start to their topic this half term. We focused on our Geography skills and completed lots of fun activities. To start the morning off we went on a walk around the school and observed lots of different human and physical features of our surrounding environment. We were all very engaged and even plotted our route on an aerial photograph. We had to really concentrate as the photo was from above and we were on the ground; we had to look for clues to double check we were in the right place. Well done Year 1 on our Sparkling Start.

1PB Harvest video

Still image for this video
Harvest is a time of year to say thank you for all our food and thank you to all the people who help us. We have written harvest prayers and made harvest baskets.

1VE Harvest Video

We hope you enjoy our special Harvest video. We would like to say a big thank you to Morrisons for donating lots of different fruits and vegetables for the children to print with. Enjoy!


Still image for this video

Our Senses
We have been looking at our bodies in Science this week and found out all about our five senses. We really enjoyed going on a senses walk around school and learning more about them.


Noah and the Ark

1VE had a fabulous time recreating the story of ‘Noah and the Ark’. We first read the story and had a think about what was our favourite part. We all played a role in our performance and could retell the story in detail. Afterwards, we reflected on the floods in Evesham and we were fascinated to find out what had happened

Amazing PE with the Sports Coach!

Amazing Maths September 2020

Year 1 have had some wonderful first days back at school. They have been showing off all of their Maths skills with lots of fun activities. We have practiced counting, number recognition and even had a go at writing their own number line.



Topic Launch Day - Tasting baby food!