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Pyjamarama Day

We had a fabulous pyjamarama day at St Richards. We all had lots of fun, coming to school in our pyjamas to enjoy a ralxing day filled with opportunities for us to share our favourite books, poems and stories. We even invited parents to join us in our book loving fun at the end of the day! 


Thanks to your kind donations for pyjamara day, we have received a message from Maria, a foster carer, whose children receive the BookTrust Letterbox Club parcels. These are book packs especially designed for children in care:


“Kay had never had or read a book until she came to live with us. She told me I was stupid for reading. Then one day she received a Letterbox [Club] parcel through the post. At first, she was only interested in the game or activity in the package, until about the third one I asked her “Can I read your book that came?”. She looked at me and said, “Well, can you read it to me while I do my project?” This was the beginning of her love of reading and to this day she reads at every opportunity she can.”


It is only because of kind people like you that we can get more children like Kay reading. With gifts like yours, we can reach more families that need us the most and ensure that no child grows up without experiencing the joy of stories.