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Year 2

The Wilson Gallery visited year 2 at school. We had the opportunity to handle artefacts from the expedition to help us learn more about how Scott explored the Antarctic. We saw some of the paintings created by Edwin Wilson during his time in Antarctica and even tried to draw like him with gloves on – it was very tricky. We looked at the clothes they wore and equipment they used and even imagined walking through a blizzard with snow blindness. We tried some of the food they would have eaten during their trek and designed meals with the rations they had. We finished off with the brilliant story of Tom Crean’s Rabbit. What an experience!!!!

On Thursday we went on a walk to the Abbey Trust Site in Evesham. Mrs Spencer, one of the Trustees, told us the story of Eof, which is how our town began. She told us all about the monks who lived in the monastery and the jobs they had to do. We even got to dress as the monks. We then walked around town and looked at some of the evidence we still have in Evesham of how our town began such as the bell tower, St Lawrence’s and All Saints Churches and the stain glass windows in the All Saints Church.