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As a Church of England school, Christian values form the foundation of everything we do at St. Richard’s C of E First School. From these Christian values, it is our aim to equip the children with the skills that they need to become positive, responsible and driven members of society. 


Stakeholders endeavour to ensure the children of St. Richard’s have a curiosity for all around them and understand the importance of their role in preserving God’s world.

The school’s leaders and staff have a shared vision for curriculum and together we strive to provide opportunities to meet the needs of all learners. Our highly structured approach to the core subjects supports the learning of all other topics. Learning of non-core subjects is topic based, which enables us to make cross curricular links, so that children learn transferable skills. 


Our topics begin with a ‘Sparkling Start’, hooking the children in and a ‘Fabulous Finish’ to showcase the learning journey. Topics are carefully planned and a rationale is completed to ensure each topic designed has clear outcomes. Topics include a visit, visitor and a career link. These real-life contexts enable our children to gain an understanding of the world around them, as they form their own aspirations for the future. Topics promote a positive work ethic and a love of learning, whilst widening children’s experiences.


The unique curriculum at St Richard’s inspires life-long learners. This allows children to explore and flourish. Our children are prepared for the next steps in their education and are motivated to reach their own individual excellence.

St Richard's CE First School

Curriculum Drivers 


Driver 1 – Children at St Richard’s are curious about the world

Pupils at St Richard’s are unaware of the world around them and do not venture far from Evesham. Generations of families have been raised in Evesham and do not move – the cycle is often not broken. The curriculum at St Richard’s aims to teach children about the world and the sites and landscapes beyond Evesham.


Driver 2 – At St Richard’s children want to make a positive contribution / difference to the world

Pupils at St Richard’s have low aspirations in terms of their own futures. To help children broaden their horizons the curriculum at St Richard’s will ensure the children leave the school knowing how to make a positive contribution to society.


Driver 3 - Children at St Richard’s are protectors of the world god created

The world around is an amazing place and children at St Richard’s need to learn to take care of it in order to preserve it for future generations. Driver 3 is formed on the need for pupils to understand they have a part to play in their future and that caring for the woder climate, environment and animals in it is very important.