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St Richard's

Church of England First School

Who's Who

Senior Leadership Team

Head Teacher - Mr Mark Ridlinton

Deputy Head Teacher - Mrs Bryony Meek

Assistant Head & Key Stage Two Lead - Mrs Vicky Golby


Early Years Team

Class Teachers  -Miss Charlotte Longman, Mrs Anna Bayes, Mrs Nicki Redgewell


Teaching Assistants - Mrs Mandy Heming, Mrs Liza Gardner, Mrs Victoria Bowen and Mrs Sophie Robinson


Year 1 Staff Team

Class Teachers - Miss Nicky Spencer and Mr Greg Clarke 


Teaching Assistants - Mrs Netty College, Mrs Paula Hagger, Miss Ciara Sheward and Miss Sarah Bigg



Year 2 Staff Team

Class Teachers - Mrs Vicky Golby, Mrs Emma Peet and Mrs Kathryn Curling


Teaching Assistants - Mrs Lisa Ladbrook, Mrs Tracy Davis, Mrs Bee Jolly and Mrs Emma Trinder


Year 3 Staff Team

Class Teachers - Mrs Sue Evans, Miss Jen Adams


Teaching Assistants - Mrs Julie Bagley, Mrs Sue Peats, Miss Helen North and Mrs Katarzyna Wojcikiewicz


Year 4 Staff Team

Class Teachers - Mrs Lisa Eksteen, Mrs Michelle Jones, Mrs Lyndsay Sheward


Teaching Assistants - Mrs Marianne Stanley, Miss Isabelle Quinn and Mrs Moira Yates


Year 5 Staff Team

Class Teachers - Miss Kim Poynter and Mrs Sophie Lazenby


Teaching Assistants - Mrs Karen Dawson, Mr Tom Longman and Mrs Sarah Fletcher


Intervention Teachers

Mrs Pam Burman 


Office Staff

Mrs Molly Jewitt (Monday and Tuesday)

Mrs Pina Gray (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)

Finance officer - Mrs Cat Williams


Site Manager

Mr David Halford


Midday Supervisors

Mrs Tracy Davis, Ms Tracey Irving, Mrs Paula Hagger, Miss Marika Davis, Miss Ellie Davis, Mrs Sophie Robinson, Mrs Becky Burke, Miss Hollie Burke, Miss Paige Burke, Mrs Toni Gore,  


Subject Leaders

Maths - Miss Poynter

English - Mrs Golby and Mrs Lazenby

Religious Education - Mrs Meek

Collective Worship - Mrs Meek 

Spirituality - Mrs Meek

SMSC - Mr Ridlinton 

Science - Mrs Curling

Computing - Miss Adams

Art and Design - Mrs Nicki Redgewell and Miss Nicola Spencer

Design and Technology - Mrs Nicki Redgewell and Miss Nicola Spencer

Geography - Mrs Peet

History - Mrs Eksteen

Languages - Mrs Sheward

Music - Mr Clarke

Physical Education - Mr Ridlinton and Mrs Jones

PHSE - Mrs Burman 

English as Additional Languages - Mrs Bryony Meek


EYFS lead - Miss Longman

KS1 lead - Mrs Meek

KS2 lead - Mrs Golby 

SENDCO - Mrs Evans (Key Stage Two) Mrs Bayes (Key Stage One)