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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

The inspiring staff in Year 3 are Mrs Evans, Mrs Golby, Mrs Cameron, Mrs Sheward, Mrs Davis, Mrs Bagley and Miss North.

A Visit from an Olympian

On Tuesday 13th July, Year 3 were lucky enough to take part in a question and answer Zoom with Olympic diver, Yona Knight-Wisdom.

Yona told us all about his training routine, what inspired him to become a diver and what it felt like to be part of the Olympics.

He discussed his values and commitment around sport and we discovered just how hard athletes have to work to be the best they can be. We learned that it takes resilience, determination and perseverance to succeed. Yona said that he never sees failure when things don’t go his way, only opportunities to learn. These are all valuable lessons  we can use in our own lives – Thank you Yona! It was a truly  inspirational afternoon.

Ancient Greek Day

Today we have been visited by Portals of the Past again and have taken part in a Greek quiz, played an Ancient Greek board game and worked in teams to put together an Archimedes puzzle which contained different triangles that needed to be put together to create an enormous rectangle. 

The children wowed us with their Greek knowledge and also the effort that had been put into their costumes - thank you so much to parents! We have been mesmorised by Medusa's, dazzled by Greek Gods and Godesses and even had a Minotaur for the day! 

At the start of our history topic about the Ancient Greeks we looked at a time line and ordered the historical events chronologically, then we placed the Ancient Greeks where we thought they occurred in history. 


We have been learning what a compass is and what it is used for. We took our learning outside and used a compass to follow and give directions to our partner.

We have been orienteering! We used our compass and map to help us follow the directions to find the Bee related questions. We used all the knowledge we’ve learned about bees to then answers the questions. It was so much fun!

Lower Smithe Farm Trip


In science we have been looking at the parts of plants and their functions. We carried out an experiment to test whether liquid is transported through the stem of a plant. We proved that it is by using red ink and turning white carnations pink. 

Ancient Egyptian Day


We have had a fabulous Egyptian Day! We have played Egyptian games, taken part in a quiz, mummified a body and acted out an Egyptian story!

The Egyptian Cinderella

In our English lessons we have been enjoying The Egyptian Cinderella by Shirley Climo.

Take a look at an example of a story map. 

Maths Puzzle Challenge Afternoon with Mr Ede

Take a look at the amazing woolly mammoths that we designed and made in our DT lessons that were linked to our Rolling Stones Topic.

Delicious fruit tasting! We created a tally chart of our favourite fruits and then presented the data using a bar chart.


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