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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

The inspiring staff in Year 3 are Mrs Evans, Mrs Bayes, Mrs Clarke, Miss North and Mrs Jolly.

Ancient Greek Day

Science Week

During Science week, we took part in an amazing investigation. We had to create something that would allow us to drop an egg from the same place in the air to the ground without it breaking. It was quite tricky! We were allowed to choose 4 materials. Once we had finished we went outside and dropped our eggs! Some survived intact, but some were broken! We discussed why some hadn’t broken and talked about air resistance.

Latest News

The children in year 3 spent some time reading with some lovely visitors from Evesham Nursey. They were so brave coming to our big school but the year 3 children made them feel right at home! Every one had a lovely time sharing stories and enjoying the fabulous library.


World Book Day

Here are our fabulous costumes and some activities that we completed on world book day this year.

Spring 1 - Egyptians

As part of our Egyptians topic, we looked at how they used to mummify Pharaohs! After learning all about it, we had a go at mummification ourselves. It was brilliant! We worked in small groups, used loads of toilet roll and had a great time! We didn’t take any brains out like the Egyptians did though!