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Welcome to Year 3!

The inspiring staff in Year 3 are Mrs Evans, Mrs Golby, Mrs Cameron, Mrs Davis, Miss Phillips and Miss Spencer.

We started our Greek topic with a visit from Professor McGinty. We travelled back in time to learn about what it was like to be a Greek citizen. We got to see many amazing artefacts!

Virtual Zoom with Olympic Hockey Gold Medalist Shona McCallin

As part of our Design and Technology this half term we designed and made our own Greek urns. We learnt about negative and positive space in designs. Everyone got to take home a magnificent, papier-mâché urn! 

Fabulous Finish


On Friday 9th July, we dressed as Ancient Greeks as part of our fabulous finish. During the week we walked a marathon a day, inspired by the Greek legend of Pheidippides who ran the distance to deliver a message about a battle victory to the Greeks in Athens. As well as this, we crushed grapes (water bombs) just as the Ancient Greeks would have done to make wine. We substituted the wine for apple juice which we enjoyed drinking after the crushing of the water bombs. As a treat in the afternoon we watched the Greek myth, Hercules. 

2020 -2021

Our Classroom Topic Display

Year 3 Bee Day

Today we celebrated everything we’ve learned about bees and their importance to market gardening by coming to school in bee costumes and spending the day enjoying bee related activities. We used our orienteering and compass skills, played a pollination game, tasted a delicious home made honey cake, handled real comb from a bee hive and had a fascinating talk led by bee experts from Smite Farm. It was an un-bee-liveable day! Thank you to Mrs Meek for the delicious cake, comb and jar of honey from her dad's beehive. 

Gardening Club

We have budding gardeners galore in year 3! Not only have we weeded areas, planted sunflowers and beans to take home, but with the help of our very own courageous advocate - Ella Townsend and her fabulous fundraising efforts and the kind donations from Morrisons and Station Garden Nurseries, we have created a bee friendly area that we hope in a few months will be a vibrant mass of colour! 

Almonry Museum Trip

Year 3 had a fabulous time walking to the almonry museum, taking in the sites of picturesque Evesham. We were able to look at and handle many artefacts to do with Evesham's rich market garden history and found out how market gardening has changed over the years. We were amazed by the model of the old Abbey and how the town would have looked in the 13th Century. 


We were honored and privileged to meet with members of the Abbey Trust Society who  very kindly allowed us on to the site of where the Abbey once stood. We were the first children in 400 years to do this. We ended the day by planting vegetables to take home to start our own market garden. 


Our journey home allowed us to see the bee friendly areas that Wychavon have created on the Crown Meadow. They inspired us to create a wild bee garden in the school grounds. 

Geography Topic - Fearsome Forces

During our fearsome forces topic, we learned about the layers of the Earth and the basics of plate tectonics. We learned about the different features of volcanoes and identified these on oblique and aerial photographs. 

In English, we were inspired by the book 'When a Giant Stirred' and were able to write descriptive settings of a volcanic island before and during an eruption. 

Look at our fabulous class display!

To end our fantastic topic all about the Earth's 'Fearsome Forces', we enjoyed a session using Google Expeditions to explore volcanoes around the world using virtual reality. The children were dazzled by the special effects and learned so much as they explored.

Science Topic - Rocks and Soils 

To conclude our science topic on Rocks and Soils, the children made edible soil. This helped to reinforce their knowledge and understanding of soil layers and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves.


During our science topic of rocks and soils, we learned about sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks and had great fun modelling how these rocks are formed using chocolate, compression and heat. We were able to categorise rocks based on their characteristics. 

We also investigated soil layers and had great fun on the school grounds looking at the organic top layer of our flower beds. We then went on to make edible soil using Oreo biscuits as the parent material, chocolate custard as the top soil, desiccated coconut as the top layer and liquorice to represent the micro-organisms such as worms. 

Thank you and Merry Christmas

As we come to the end of term, we would like to thank our wonderful children for their exceptional hard work so far in Year 3. We are so proud of how far they’ve come since September and would also like to thank you, the parents for your never ending support - it is invaluable to the children and to us as their teachers and as a school. We hope you all have a wonderful, restful and very merry Christmas. 


Please enjoy the children’s Christmas performances.


With love from


The Year 3 Team 

A Christmas poem and message from 3SE.

Due to the size of the video please follow the link below:

Mrs Evans would like to wish all the children and their families a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



Year 3 D.T.

We have been enjoying the book 'How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth' and have written instructions for if you ever find yourself needing to give one a bath. 

We decided it would be nice to design and create a woolly mammoth to accompany the book. Take a look at our design and making process.

As part of our Rolling Stones history topic, we have been thinking about the term 'chronological order' and have been placing events that we have already studied on a chronological timeline. We are astounded at how long ago the Stone Age began and the duration of the Stone Age period. 
As part of our Isles of Wonder Topic and our RE unit of work, we were lucky enough to visit Worcester Cathedral and be some of the first children to use the Undercroft Education Centre, which has been developed within the crypt of the cathedral. We were given a guided tour of this beautiful and historical landmark and even got to visit the resting places of royalty. We took part in trinity, baptism and prayer workshops. 
We are proud to announce our Pupil Parliament and Eco Warrior representatives for year 3. The candidates wrote and shared their manifestos with their peers and a democratic vote was held to determine the successful candidates. 
During our Isles of Wonder Topic, we refreshed our knowledge of the British Isles using atlases, Google Earth and maps to identify countries, capitals and counties. We are now able to talk about our county of Worcestershire and some of its physical and human features. 

3GC's Celebration of Harvest

Still image for this video
3GC read and perform the parable of the sower.

3SE’s Celebration of Harvest

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We have thoroughly enjoyed our amazing Isles of Wonder topic. It was so interesting to learn more about the country we live in and its geographical features. When we focused in on our local area of Evesham, we discovered it has a wealth of history and loved retelling some local stories such as the story of Eof and Lady Godiva. On the way back from our Harvest Festival, we were fortunate enough to be invited to look at the well in the garden of the house once owned by King Canute, which according to legend, Lady Godiva frequented. 


On a walk around Evesham we sketched the beautiful park and incredible Bell Tower. We later turned these sketches in to 'Hockney' inspired landscapes, which are proudly displayed in our classrooms. As a result of this work, we have become experts at mapping the local town and using a compass to find our way around. 

Evesham Walk

Last Night at the Proms

Hockney Art Work

Autumn Walk

We went on a beautiful Autumn Walk around school to inspire our poetry writing. We loved looking at the vibrant colours Autumn brings and built our vocabulary using similes. The children decided that some of the trees 'glowed like a fire', while 'the wind howled like a wolf'. 

Autumn Walk

Following our Autumn Walk we created our own Autumn poetry. We then shared our poems by performing them to the class in our very own 'Poetry Cafe'. 

Poetry Cafe

Black History Day

At the end of term we celebrated Black History Month by having a Black History Day, during which year 3 focused on Black British Athletes. 3GC looked at Kelly Holmes, while 3SE looked at Denise Lewis and found out more about their achievements and what inspiring role models they are. Some of our children took up the challenge of trying to run as fast as they could for 1 minute 56 seconds - the Gold winning 800 metres time at the Athens Olympics 2008. They were completely exhausted!

800 Metres Challenge

Vet Visit

In November, James Tolkien (a local vet) came to visit us here at St Richard's to tell us all about his job. The children had lots of questions and found out about his daily responsibilities and what he had to do to become a vet. They even discovered how to care for animals and some lucky children had the opportunity to try out some of James' equipment. 


Not only this, but James is related to the great J.R.R. Tolkien and the children were given the chance to discuss the fantastic 'Lord of the Rings' and 'Hobbit' stories. James even brought in Aragon's sword that was used in the movie. What an exciting visit!

Bishop's Wood Stone Age Trip

Year 3 went on a fantastic trip at Bishop's Wood, where we were transported back in time to the Stone Age. During our time there, we learned how to live like Stone Age Nomads. We foraged and hunted for food, built shelters and even captured a Woolly Mammoth. We had so much fun, but were glad to get back to 2019 and the comforts of central heating. 

Ancient Egyptians Museum Trip

On Monday 10th February 2020 year 3 visited Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. We were able to handle authentic Egytpian Artefacts and look around their vast collection of historical relics. We saw a real mummy, sarcophagus, hieroglyphics and canopic jars. It was fascinating to be inside a museum and look at how they represent the different periods of time and preserve the past.

Egyptian Maths

In maths with have been making up our own word problems linked to our Ancient Egyptian Topic.
We now have our own problem solving box in the classroom. The question is on the front of the card and the calculation with answer is on the back.

Egyptian Maths Problems

In maths we used sugar cubes to investigate how the Egyptians may have constructed the pyramids. By calculating the bottom layer we were able to predict the number of blocks needed to build pyramids of different sizes.

Pyramid Challenge

Practical Perimeter


In science, we have been learning about light. We have been classifying light sources, and thinking about the dangers of the sun. We also investigated reflection. We found out that reflection is when light bounces back off an object. We were trying to design a t-shirt that would be highly reflective. We discovered that shiny and glossy materials reflect light well. We went on to discover that shadows are formed when light from a light source is blocked by an opaque object. We were also able to find patterns in the way that the size of shadows changes. 

Reflection and Shadows Investigations