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Welcome to Reception!


The friendly staff in Reception are Miss Eden, Mrs Thornley, Mrs Peet, Mrs Heming,              Mrs Morrissey, Miss Bigg, Mrs Jolly, Miss Spencer and Mrs Bowen.

Sandfield Farm


Last week Early Years were lucky to be able to visit Sandfield Farm. They spent the morning meeting the cows and calves followed by lots of fun in the orchard. After a well deserved lunch the children had the opportunity to explore the play woods. As you can see by the photographs the children had a blast!!

Wonderful World Book Day


On Thursday we celebrated World Book Day. We came in to school dressed up as our favourite characters and we explored books all day long! Our day started in the best way because some of our family came in to school and read stories with us in our classrooms. It was great to share a book with them. We also really enjoyed reading 'The Smeds and the Smoos' and wrote character descriptions, drew pictures and designed our own aliens.

                                           'Out and About' launch day


Today we had a fantastic time launching our new topic.  We started by reading 'We're going on a Leaf Hunt'. The children then took part in a nature treasure hunt before beginning a carousel of exciting activities. The activities included exploring treasure using magnifying glasses, making an art attack picture using natural materials, playing a squirrel and acorn game that focused on subtraction, writing a list of the things we had found, music making inspired by the weather and also a super weather dance. We had so much fun!

We love PE!


In Early Years we have a PE lesson every Friday and we love it! We have learnt lots of useful skills and have played new team games like Tag Rugby. Sometimes we have dance sessions (we have made up a dragon dance, an alien routine and we even retold the story of 'We're Going On A Bear hunt' through dance).  We also use equipment and balance on beams, roll on mats and learn how to throw and catch balls. 

We always feel very tired after PE but very happy.



Pancake Day


Today we celebrated Pancake Day. We spoke to the children all about what this day is all about and what happens. We discussed our favourite toppings. Later on we then went outside for lots of pancake fun! This included a pancake race and a chance to see how many times we could flip a pancake.

Our Fabulous Finish


To celebrate the end of our space topic 'To Infinity and Beyond' we had a fun filled day with lots of super activities. We decorated alien biscuits which were delicious, made space masks and went on a hunt around the school grounds to find clues which the aliens had left for us. We also spent the whole day dressed up as aliens! It was such a fun day.    

Chinese New Year


Today we celebrated Chinese New Year. We started the day with yoga to Chinese music and then we all listened to the story of the Zodiac. We also tasted prawn crackers and they were delicious! Throughout the day there were lots of fun opportunities for us to explore Chinese customs and culture. To top off a fantastic day we performed our very own dragon dance in PE. 

Alien invasion at Forest School


This week we had a visit from aliens at Forest School! The aliens took Harry Hedgehog's pants just like in the story we have been reading in class 'Aliens love Underpants'! But don't worry, we managed to help him find all 30 pairs of pants that the aliens had scattered. We then had great fun making bubble wands to send messages up to space and even made alien food in the mud kitchen just incase they visit again.

To Infinity and Beyond!


To launch our new space inspired topic we had a very exciting day. When we arrived to school in the morning we were surprised to see that a spaceship had crash landed in to our classroom! There was slime everywhere, mysterious footprints, coloured water and danger tape. We also noticed a book had been left in our classroom. 

We decided to read the book which was called 'Q Pootle 5' and soon realised that some aliens were stranded on earth because of a broken spaceship.  We wanted to help the aliens by fixing the rocket booster. Here are some photographs of us trying to get the spaceship up and running again. 

Reading bugs


Today some of us were awarded reading bugs!  Mr Ridlinton gave them out in a special assembly and we were very excited.  We were only given a reading bug if we had done lots of reading at home with our families, so the Early Years grown ups checked our reading records to see how much reading we had done. 

Hopefully we will all do lots of reading and then we can all get a reading bug next time!



                                                      Christingle Service


We made our Christingles and we learnt about what all the different pieces mean. We sang the song 'This Little Light of Mine' beautifully in front of some of our families whilst holding our Christingle and candle really carefully.

Smart Trees 


Today we visited Smart Trees. We had great 'Muddy' Fun! We had a bumpy ride on a tractor, stroked the reindeers, took part in a fun bauble hunt amongst the Christmas trees and even got to meet the big guy himself!

All of the children are definitely on the good list after super behaviour all day!

EYFS Detectives


We have really enjoyed our 'People Who Help Us' topic and have found learning about police men and women very interesting. A few weeks ago, we were lucky enough to have a close look at a police car....we listened to the sirens and we saw the flashing lights. Some of us even climbed in to the car! 

This week we had a go at being police detectives and tried to solve a mystery. 'Take Home Ted' disappeared and we had to work out where he had gone! We had to look closely at the clues and eventually we solved the crime. 

Fire Engine Fun!


Yesterday four fire fighters came to visit us at school and they arrived in a fire engine! We were all so excited when we saw it arrive in the playground. The fire fighters told us all about the jobs they do each day and they showed us the equipment in the fire engine. We even got to sit in the fire engine! It was very high and our teachers had to lift us up so we could get in! Finally, the fire fighters let us squirt the hoses. It was so fun. 



Reading and Writing in Early Years


We have been very busy focusing on reading and writing in Early Years. We have enjoyed mark making inside using paint, glitter, sand and pencils.  We even applied our phonics skills outside in our Forest School sessions. 


Visit from the Vet


Today we had a visit from James the vet. He talked to the children about what his job consisted of and gave the children a chance to ask lots of questions. The children also got to hold and bath a baby tortoise called Paddington.

Helpful tips and useful websites to support phonics

Welly Wednesday


Today we visited Forest School for the first time. The children loved meeting Harry the Hedgehog who helped them learn the Forest School rules. They then had time to explore the new area and even enjoyed a hot chocolate at the end of a busy session!

Our First Half Term at St Richard's


We have had such a fantastic half term and have settled in amazingly well. We have enjoyed lots of fun activities including learning all about our senses, starting PE lessons, finding out about our friends and families and learning about our bodies and how to keep healthy.