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Welcome to Reception!


The friendly staff in Reception are  Miss Eden, Mrs Heming, Mrs Thornley, Mr Thomas, Mrs Morrissey, Miss Bigg and Miss Spencer

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Crocodiles of the World

EYFS had a wonderful trip and got to see lots of different animals, including crocodiles, tortoises and snakes. We were very brave and got to stroke some of the animals and got to watch feeding time! A lovely day was had by all.

Pets at Home Visit

EYFS have been learning all about under water animals and were very excited to know more about fish. We walked to our local ‘Pets at Home’ shop and had a talk and demonstration in the fish area. We got to feed them as well!

Library Visit
Today we have a great time visiting Evesham Library. We got to have a tour to see all the wonderful things you can do their and also got to read some of the great story books. 

Sandfield Farm Trip

Early Years had a fantastic time visiting the farm. We went on an exciting mini beast hunt and got to run through the fields with the two sheep dogs. We even got to stroke and play fetch with them! After lunch we got to explore the amazing Forest School area which had slides, tyre swings, mud kitchen and lots more. 

Rainbow Challenges

Last week we introduced Our Rainbow Challenges. The chidlren have three tasks which they need to complete independently throughout the week. These consist of one Literacy, one Maths and another which varies. At the end of the week your child will recieve an award if they manage to do all of their Rainbow Challenges. An example of this is below.

Bug Hunt

This week Early Years have been on a bug hunt around school. They found lots of interesting animals including ladybirds, snails, woodlouse and spiders! They couldn't wait to share with their friends what they had found and were all really careful to take care of the bugs.

We’re Going on a Nature Hunt


Our version of 'We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt'. The children loved going on a walk to the woods. They collected many treasures and came up with fantastic describing words to describe the things they found.

Chinese New Year


This week we have been learning all about Chinese New Year. We ate Chinese food an even had a go at writing Chinese numbers. Some children brought things in from home and shared these with us. We also made fabulous dragons outside and retold the story.

A fun afternoon with Year 5


This afternoon we had lots of fun sharing our learning with the children in Year 5. Our current topic is Space and the Year 5 children are also studying Space so we paired up and carried out some fun activities together.  We made rockets and spaceships, little model aliens, designed space creatures and spent some time in the library looking at fascinating fact books. Our Year 5 friends helped us to read the tricky words and also helped us make all of our space crafts. We had lots of fun sharing our learning with the older children.  

Aliens Love Underpants


We had a fantastic morning reading the story of ‘Aliens Love Underpants’ and were so excited to find out that the aliens were a bit closer to school than we thought! We went outside and found lots of pairs of pants all around school and we couldn’t wait to go and collect them all! When we came back in to class we had a think about how the pants could have got there and where the aliens might be now.

A wonderful morning was had by all of Early Years.

An Alien Invasion!


We had a mystery to solve when we got to school this morning… some aliens had been in to our class and had left a real mess! There was slime everywhere, some alien footprints and strange potions and lotions. We read the story of ‘Q Pootle 5’ and realised that it must be his spaceship that had crash landed in our classroom so we decided to help him by making some slime to power his ship back up to space. Throughout the day we also made junk model rockets and sparkly moon rocks out of Play-Doh. It was a super day.

Christingle Service


To top off our festive few weeks we impressed our visitors in our special Christingle service. We invited guests to see our Christingle oranges and listen to a song we had learnt especially for the service. We even told parents all about the different parts of the Christingle and what they represent. Here are some photographs of us making our Christingle oranges and also of us during the service.


Our Christmas Trip to Smart Trees


We had the most magical day at Smart Trees! We felt as though we had entered a winter wonderland when we arrived because lots of Christmas elves met us off the bus! They took us to meet some beautiful reindeer, we went on a ‘Sleigh Ride’ and we met Santa Claus! Snow fell on us when we were waiting to meet Father Christmas and we threw a magic penny in a wishing well. It was such a special day.

Walk to the Post Box


We had an exciting job last week...we had to walk to the post box to post a special delivery to Santa Claus! We all wrote a letter using our best handwriting to Father Christmas and then we went to post them- we hope he gets them in time!

A package from Paddington


We received a letter from Paddington Bear this week and we were so excited! He also sent us an empty suitcase which we thought was very strange. We carefully read the letter that he sent us  and realised that he needed our help. He wanted to know what we would recommend for him to take on a trip back to his home country of Peru! We had lots of ideas so we have wrote them all down for him and we are going to post them to him to help him.

Hopefully we will receive a letter back from Paddington soon, or perhaps even a photograph of him with his perfectly packed case.

EYFS Celebration Assembly


Last week we introduced our St Richard's Learning Friends in a special assembly. Children met characters such as 'Go for it Gorilla', 'Innovative Iguana' and 'Exploring Elephant'. Our new Learning Friends link to the Characteristics of Effective Learning so help us to become super learners.

From now on we will award 6 certificates each week to children who have been working hard. On Friday we awarded ‘Concentrating Crocodile’ certificates to children who have focussed carefully on their work. Here is a photograph of them with their awards. Well done children!

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'Terrific Transport' Launch Day


We had such a fun day celebrating the launch of our 'Terrific Transport' topic. We have been reading the story of Paddington bear so we made tasty marmalade sandwiches, built trains from junk modelling, learnt about the country of Peru and tested out different materials to see which would be the most suitable for Paddington’s rain coat. We also had a circle time session and talked about what we would take with us if we went on a long journey like Paddington did. We shared our special items with our friends and had a really fun day.

Phonics Club


Our first after school phonics club was a great success with children really impressing their parents with their super knowledge of the first 6 sounds. Children performed the Jolly Phonics songs for the letters S,A,T,P,I and N and showed their 'grown ups' the actions that go with them. Then they went and had a go at lots of different phonic based activities. Well done children, I am sure the adults were amazed by your fab phonics!

Superstar Readers


Just before the half term break lots of our brilliant children received a 'reading bug' in a very special assembly. The children got their bugs if they had read frequently at home (between 3-4 times a week) and were able to pick the bug of their choice. Here are some photographs of us with our bugs. We hope that even more children will get a bug next time! 

'All About Me' Fab Finish


We had such a fun day celebrating the end of our 'All About Me' topic. We came in dressed in our favourite clothes and took part in lots of exciting activities throughout the day. Our best bit was decorating biscuits with icing and sprinkles, they were delicious! We also made split pin people, decorated our hand prints for a display and made paper plate faces. We had a fantastic day!

Our Super Senses


We have been learning about our senses. We have used our ears to listen carefully, our eyes to see and at the end of last week we used our hands to feel. We were set a challenge to find lots of materials that felt different. We found bumpy things, rough things, smooth, hard and soft things. We stuck what we had found on to some special yellow hands and we are going to display some of them in our classroom. Over the next few days we are going to explore our sense of taste and smell too! 

We also worked with a friend to draw the outline of our bodies, pointing out our various body parts and talking about how our bodies work. 


Early Years Parent Workshop


Thank you very much to those of you who came to the EYFS Parent Workshop we hosted on Wednesday 10th October. We covered lots of topics and parents also had the chance to come and have a chat to staff and ask any questions they had linked to the teaching of phonics, handwriting and maths. We had equipment and resources out to show parents how they can support their child's reading at home, examples of how letters should look under our new handwriting scheme and also some simple ideas on how to help your child meet the Early Learning Goal in maths.
We really appreciate that you took time out of your day to come and learn how to support your child at home, thank you for joining us and we hope you found it useful. There is a link below which has the documents that we gave out on Wednesday just in case you were unable to attend. They are at the bottom of the page so just scroll down and you will find them.



Hand Washing Workshop 


Early Years had a special visitor this week who taught us all about germs and how to wash our hands well. We learnt about what germs are and how they can get on our hands. We then put some special gel on that was invisible, until we put it under a magic machine! We had to try our new hand washing technique to see if we could wash it all off. When we put our hands back under the machine, it was very interesting to see the parts that we had missed. 

Our First PE Lesson


We had a fantastic first PE lesson. We had such a great go at getting changed by ourselves and we listened carefully to instructions. We were so excited to get out and play with the equipment and were very good at sharing it with our friends.

All About Me


We have had a busy week! We have been thinking lots about our new topic 'All About Me' and, in particular, what makes us special. We talked about our brothers and sisters, cousins, aunties and uncles- our teachers loved learning all about our families.  We told our friends what we are good at too- some of us said we were kind, good at sharing, excellent at riding our bikes, keen artists and we even had some superstar dancers!  

We read the story of Elmer the special elephant and created some Elmer inspired artwork. Here are some photographs.

Our Listening Walk


This week we used our super sense of hearing and went on a listening walk around the school. We turned on our listening ears and every time we heard a sound we ‘caught it’ and put it in our pockets. We crept through corridors and even had a peek in some of the different classrooms. We heard children chatting about their learning, footsteps and chairs moving. Afterwards we went outside and explored the school grounds where we heard birds tweeting, the wind rustling the leaves and cars rumbling past.

Our First Day at School


Today we were very brave and we came to school for the first time! We loved exploring the new EYFS area and experimenting with all of the equipment. Our teachers were very impressed with how smart we looked in our uniforms and they couldn't believe how brilliant we were at listening, sharing and being kind to our new friends.

Here are some photographs of us having lots of fun.