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Religious Education

As a C of E School, we provide opportunities to understand the religious church year both at school and at the Parish Church.


The teaching of RE complies with the Worcestershire Agreed Syllabus and we also make use of 'Understanding Christianity' along side this. 

In line with the agreed syllabus and the UCR resource, lessons promote an enquiry approach to Religious education and children are provided with opportunities to explore concepts and begin from a child's experience. 

  • Concepts which are common to all people e.g. celebration, remembering, peace
  • Concepts which are shared by many religions e.g. worship, pilgrimage 
  • Concepts which are distinctive to particular religions or traditions e.g Trinity
'Understanding Christianity' aims to provide pupils with a coherent understanding of Christian beliefs and practices as part of a wider religious, theological and cultural literacy. It aims to draw pupils into deeper understanding of the Bible. provide them with opportunities to explore how Christian belief and practice are shaped. It encourages reflection, evaluation and application. 


In RE lessons our pupils study a wide range of world religions which enables them to develop a better understanding of the world around them.