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Year 1 Curriculum

This is an overview of the curriculum for the whole year and just some of the rich and engaging texts we use to support their learning through this topic. Should you have any questions or wish to find out more, please speak to your child's class teacher who would love to talk more about our engaging and exciting curriculum. 

Phonics Information


Although we have phonics sessions 1-2 times during the school day, there are many ways that parents/carers can support phonics learning at home too. Here are some of our helpful tips for phonics:

  • read as much as you can both with and to your child - this will help them to recognise the sounds they have learnt in lots of different words and give them chance to practise sounding out new words,
  • encourage your child to have a good guess at a word, even if they get it wrong
  • if your child is struggling to read a word, get them to 'use their sounds' and break it up. They can then have a go at blending all the sounds together to make a word they might recognise, e.g. d-o-g, dog.
  • discuss word meanings with your child, this will help them to remember the word next time.


Below are links to useful websites that will help both parents and children to understand and use phonics when reading. If you have any queries about phonics, please don't hesitate to ask a member of the year 1 team! Happy reading!