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Reading at St Richard's

The ability to read is a vital skill for all children. They learn and practise many of the skills that they need for reading from a very early age. They do this through a range of activities and experiences.

We aim to ensure that all pupils:
- read easily, fluently and with understanding
- develop the habit of reading widely and often for both pleasure and information
- acquire a wide vocabulary

At St. Richard’s our main reading scheme is ‘Project X" published by Oxford University Press. The scheme is used to teach reading skills in our daily guided reading sessions. During the guided reading sessions the class teacher works with a group of children to teach the decoding of words and the skills needed for fluent and expressive reading. As the children become fluent readers, the focus moves towards improving comprehension skills.

The Project X scheme is carefully levelled to make sure every child makes real progress with their reading. The books are challenging enough so that the children improve their reading skills and develop their vocabulary – yet not too difficult, so that they can still read with enough fluency to maintain interest and enjoy the book. Project X includes fiction and non fiction books. These cover a wide range of genres and subjects which help to develop the children’s reading range.

We also have a range of other schemes which we use to supplement our core reading scheme 'Project X', which include ‘Rigby Star’, ‘Read Write Inc. Phonics’ and ‘New Way’. Colour book bands are used so we are able to offer a range of reading schemes from which we can select books which are the same level of difficulty as a book of the same colour band in the 'Projext X' scheme.

Some of our pupils are taking part in an exciting reading research project that uses a multi-sensory approach to reading. The project has been written by reading specialists and professors at Exeter University.

The children are encouraged to read at home every day and we endeavour to provide good quality texts to inspire a love of reading. Children who read at least five times every week for half a term are awarded ‘Reading Bugs’ at our achievement assembly.
Extra support for individual children is provided by volunteer readers. They read regularly with children and help to improve reading skills, develop language and vocabulary and build confidence and self-esteem.


The Reading lists below are suggestions of books that are suitable for your child's reading age.

Parent and Child Shared Reading

Author Visit

Author Andy Cope visited school to lead assemblies, set writing challenges and talk about how to be brilliant!

Andy is the author of the Spy Dog, Spy Pup and Spy Cat series of books. He talked to the children about how he became an author, how his ideas are initiated and his passion for reading and writing.

The children were fascinated by his stories and his passion and hopefully he has inspired some of our children to want to become authors!

Author Visit