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SIAMs Report

SIAMs says we are a good school and the impact of our Collective Worship is excellent! 

The whole school community shares a clear Christian vision for the school. This vision, and associated values, are clearly embedded and lived out daily in the life of the school.

• Inspirational, affirming prayer during collective worship is actively embraced by all. There is opportunity for reflection and spiritual development, although there is not always have the opportunity for deeper spiritual thinking.

• Uplifting, transformational collective worship in school, and in partnership with the church, is valued, biblical and affirming, positively influencing the lives of both pupils and staff. However, pupils do not always have the opportunity to evaluate worship.

• There is a determined, effective focus on mental health and wellbeing. The school's knowledge and understanding of its pupils, and the interventions it delivers, provides effective support for the most vulnerable.

• The talented leader for religious education (RE) ensures that pupils experience challenging, creative and appropriate programmes of learning. Pupils enjoy and retain their learning.